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Born in Winnipeg, art-schooled in Vancouver, and currently based in Japan, Christopher Olson plays with a variety of media (including: sound, photography, type) while maintaining an ongoing critical writing practice.

|||He has a BFA in Photography from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC, has participated in group shows around Canada, and a pair of solo shows in Vancouver, and has performed, recorded and broadcast sound-based pieces while working as a freelance arts and culture writer with a focus on contemporary art.

||||A frequent contributor to Border Crossings magazine since 2003, with numerous reviews and feature articles to his credit, he's written regularly for Vancouver Review and Color magazine along with essays and reviews in Capilano Review, Blackflash, C Magazine, and exhibition/publication essays for visual artists Heidi Nagtegaal, Bernadette Phan and Sally Lee.   

|||He has lectured on sound and sound art at Centre A and the Or Gallery in Vancouver and penned numerous record reviews for UK sound art & marginal music blog The Liminal from 2012-2013.

|||Visual work has appeared in Blackflash, Front, Only, Woo, Pyramid Power and up online on TinyVices.  A suite of four new pieces are available for sale at The File Arts, and two recent text-based works appear in The Last Vispo Anthology:1998 -2008,  published by Fantagraphics in October, 2012.

contact: wwrdcloud@gmail.com

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